Francesco Schettino


Dottore di Ricerca in Economia Politica

PhD in Economics

Assistant professor at Second University of Neaples
Department of Law

email: francesco.schettino[at]


Economist at ENAC - Italian Civil Aviation Authority
via del Castro pretorio 118 - Rome



Papers and Articles


A ùltima crise - Desde o colapso de Lehman Brothers até a questao da divida publica europea - presented at VI Journada International de Politicas Publicas (JOINPP) - 20-23 setembro 2013 - Universidade Federal do Maranhao (UFMA), Brasil

A Income Polarization in Brazil, 2001-2011:  A Distributional Analysis using PNAD data  (with F. Clementi) on Economics Bulletin, Vol.33 No.3 pp.1796-1815; accepted for presentation in IRIW-IBGE Conference on Income, Wealh and Well-being in Latin America, September 11-14, 2013 - Rio de Janeiro Brasil


A Inventive Productivity and Patent Quality: Evidence from Italian Inventors(with A.Sterlacchini and F.Venturini) on Journal of Policy Modeling, Elsevier, 


A Explaining the Patent Propensity: A Regional Analysis Using OECD-EPO data (with C.Cozza) Submitted, pending minor revisions; accepted for presentation in JRC-IPTS Patent analysis workshop, Sevilla, Spain on 19-20th September 2013.



Market Socialism as a Distinct Socioeconomic formation - (with A.Gabriele) on New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, vol. 5, no.2 (2012)

Child Malnutrition and Mortality: Income and Non-Income Factors
- (with A.Gabriele, L.Vallejos) on Advances in Sociology Research, Volume 13



The long-run determinants of British capital exports, 1870-1913 - (with M.Rota) on Financial History Review, 2011, 18 (01), 47-69




Evaluating the Black Box of Innovation, Phenomenology of New Technologies in Current Mode of Production, book edited by VdM Verlag, 2010






Reaping the benefits of patenting activities: Does the size of patentees matter? - (with A.Sterlacchini) on Industry and Innovation – June 2009. 


Determinants of patent withdrawals: evidence from a samle of Italian applications with the EPO - (with A.Sterlacchini) on World Patent Information – May 2009. doi:10.1016/j.wpi.2009.04.002



Scale effect on Endogenous Growth: an Evaluation - on Economics Bulletin – Vol. 29 no.1 pp.205-213, February 2009.






Citations Profile and the Complexity of Innovation (with G.Cozzi) - Discussion paper 2008-24 - University of Glasgow, Department of Economics – August 2008.


Child Malnutrition and Mortality in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis (with A.Gabriele) - on Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, Blackwell Vol. 8, no.1, 2008, pp. 1--29 - May 2008


Child Malnutrition and Mortality In China And Vietnam In A Comparative Perspective (with A.Gabriele) - on Economic Change and Restructuring, Springer, vol. 41(1), pages 29-59, April 2008


Power Law Tails in inventive Productivity: implications for Growth (with M.Rota and L.Spinesi) - Presented at DIME Conference, Strasbourg (France) 6-8 April 2008 – Submitted


Moneta e Investimenti Esteri durante il relativo declino dell'impero britannico (with M.Rota) - Working Papers no.106 - Department of Public Economics, University of Rome I, La Sapienza - January 2008


Determinants of Child Health and Mortality: Evidences from China and Vietnam (with A.Gabriele) - on "Economics of Developing Countries" ed. by NovaScience - January 2008





Inventive Productivity and Patent Quality: Evidence from Italian Inventors (with A.Sterlacchini and F.Venturini) - MPRA Working Paper - December 2007 – Presented at EPO/OECD Conference on “Patent Statistics for Decision Making” – 3-4 September 2008 – Wien


Patent Citations Data and Industrial Knowledge Spillover - "Economics of Innovation and new Technology" - number 6, volume 16, autumn 2007 -


European Patenting and Size of Inventors -(with A.Sterlacchini)- Working Papers DEA 308, Polytechnic University of Marche (I), Dipartimento di Economia -





The Bullion Drain Mechanism in the Relative Fall of British Empire (con M. Rota) - MPRA Paper 3987, University Library of Munich, Germany


Development of Productive Forces and Underdevelopment of Social Services Under Market Socialism: the Case of Nutrition Policies in China (con A.Gabriele) - presented to CES conference "Governing Rapid Growth in China: Efficiency, Equity and Institutions" - Shanghai 2-4 July 2006


Patent Citations Data and Industrial Knowledge Spillover: Towards a New Taxonomy of Innovation Process – presented to “Economics of Innovation and adoption of new technology”- University of Kiel (Germany) 15-16 June 2006





An empirical evaluation of endogenous growth without scale effect - Working Paper at WUSTL - May 2005


The Value of the Substance - Working Paper at WUSTL Maggio 2005; accepted pending revision to “Capital and Class” review October 2007


The role of the anti-spying acts on the R&D-patent dynamics - on "Rivista di Politica Economica” no.2205-September-October 2005 and in "Intellectual Property, competition and Growth" ed. Cozzi, Cellini - Palgrave-McMillan  





A colisão monetària latino-americana (in portoghese)- on "A America Latina e a globalizaçao capitalista" ed. Xamà, Sao Paulo (SP), Settembre 2004


The FTAA after the emergence of the Euro - MPRA Paper 3988, University Library of Munich, Germany – agosto 2004 – accepted for presentation at IV SEPLA coloquium – Buenos Aires October 2008;


The Value of Marx Analysis - Working Paper at WUSTL - Marzo 2004 ;





Dolarizaçao e imperialismo - pubblicato sulla monografia: “America Latina: encruzilhadas da historia contemporanea”, Xama VM editoria e Grafica Ltda. Rua Loefgreen, 943 –Vila Mariana- Sao Paulo – SP CEP 04040-030 – impresso no Brasil– Ed. HISTORIA FFLCH USP (universidade de Sao Paulo) – PROLAM, integraçao latino-americana – Osvaldo Coggiola (org.)- Giugno 2003;





Economia politica da America Latina (in portoghese) – pubblicato Sul volume “Dinamica economica mundial comtemporanea” by Coggiola O. and Schettino F. published by USP University of Sao Paulo, FFLCH (filosofia, lettere, storia e scienze sociali), Programa de pos-graduaçao em Historia Economica 2002-Scortecci Editora- Novembre 2002;